Quality time is family time! …… But we know that doesn’t come without its challenges. Life is busy; and rushed; and sometimes there is just too much going on to stop and take a breath. The challenge is real, and as hard as we try, there is an ever decreasing window of opportunity to spend time with the ones we love never mind thinking of new and inventive ways of making that time special!

Challenge is in our blood at The Bear Trail. We understand what families need but more so we know how rewarding stepping up to the challenge can be.

On face value we might not be the conventional day out. And the thought of all that washing of muddy clothes might send you into immediate melt down! Let alone the realisation that the obstacles might be too high for you to stomach, and watching your littlest clambering to the highest point or whooshing down the zip wire doesn’t even bare thinking about! Conquer the fear together….as a family! Challenge each other and be there to congratulate one another when you achieve what you thought was the impossible.

Success isn’t measured in speed or strength! It’s trying something new; watching your little ones scramble around the trail and supporting them through. Success is; at the end looking around and realising that you did make the time to be together, you helped one another and made space for that quality time!!

The mud will wash off, but the memories will last a lifetime!

family fun