How to be the best parentIs probably a thought that either occupies our mind once if not a hundred times during the day. No matter how confident we are (or aren’t) in our choices, decisions and beliefs…there is always that nagging feeling….Am I doing it right? Should I have said that to her? Is he polite? If I do this now, what will it mean further down the line? Am I giving him enough time? Should she already be doing this? Why can’t I get him to be this way??


STOP!! ENOUGH!! Give yourself a break! Parenting is exhausting enough without all the self doubt and negative thoughts plaguing your time. Time that should be spent doing! Not worrying!

Whilst this is the ideal, the reality is quite the opposite……. just have a day off!!!¬†Give yourselves a break, re group and have fun!

Day out with kids¬†There isn’t much our children need. They certainly don’t need the latest technology and gadgets. They absolutely don’t need to be sat with their head in their phones watching pointless videos or commenting on mindless photos. Comparing themselves to air brushed celebrities. They don’t need to be running if all they can do right now is crawl. It won’t ruin them for life if they don’t know how to count to 10 or say their ABC before their 3rd birthday!

So what do they need? Time with you. Unconditional, uninterrupted time. Just you and them! Getting outdoors, laughing, running, climbing, falling down and getting back up, getting muddy and washing away the stresses THEY face every day too. Watching their Mum or their Dad or their Uncle, Auntie, Gran, Grandad having a go. Getting stuck in and not taking life too seriously.

We can’t tell you how to be the best parent. It doesn’t exist. There is no one fit. No magic words. We are all trying our best! But what we can tell you that family time spent together, making memories, laughing until you wee yourself, until your tummy hurts, until snot shoots out of your nose!! Learning that its OK to fall over and look silly, will never be wasted time.

Take the opportunities. Turn off the guilt, the worry and the stress and JUST PLAY!