Welcome to the Bear Trail!

What is The Bear Trail, where did it come from and why are we doing it….?

Firstly, I would like to introduce myself. My name is Ben and I am so excited that I am even able to write this post, because it means my dream is becoming true.

My (brief!) story is I spent 5 years as an officer in The Rifles Regiment and was very honoured to have those years serving with some of the best people I have ever met. Some of the best qualities, that you didn’t know a person was capable of, come out when working as a team during a challenge towards the same goal. I’ll come onto this later with The Bear Trail.

After 5 years and a tough decision, I decided to leave to start a business. It has taken a few ideas and many different business plans. The key was when I decided that I love to be outdoors, the The Bear Trail started to hatch.

Being a parent in the 21st century must provide challenges that have not been around before. I have started to become more aware of that when friends of mine started having children and discussing life, how to plan it, how to raise children etc. Technology is a vital part of the new generations in work as it is in life. However, I still feel that there is nothing a computer game has on a bunch of kids challenging each other to climb the biggest tree in the park. I am aware of the irony about being anti technology whilst writing a blog, so please don’t feel I am against it. There must be a balance, sports clubs, Brownies and Scouts and everything the Devon countryside has to offer.

The Bear Trail is essentially an army assault course for children (we built it for parents to ”show” their children how it is done too…). I for one will be regularly ”testing” the equipment. The course is built with Health and Safety in mind, but also to allow the children to explore their boundaries and work together on the challenges.

As we receive more feedback, we will invest in more obstacles of the nature which work, so don’t be shy in getting in touch with us.

So if you think you could do with a family outing doing something physical which isn’t going to break the bank…come and see us.