Water Walkerz – Mayhem in a Ball!

Take one giant pool. Add large transparent balls called Water Walkerz. Place some willing kids inside the balls. The result? Total mayhem, uncontrolled giggling and a whole heap of fun! Water Walkerz are our newest attraction at The Bear Trail. Great fun and excellent exercise, give ’em a go on your next visit here!  Just £4 per session (5 minutes in the ball); min age 5 years, max weight 15 stone.

  • Can you walk on water?
  • Keep your balance as you spin, slip twist and fall around inside the ball
  • Make like a hamster as you try and reach the other side
  • Perfect your technique then challenge your friends to see who can stay on their feet the longest!

You can book sessions in advance when you book online, or at the ticket office when you arrive. There’s a maximum of 3 people per session and sessions run every 15/30mins from 11am.

Owner Ben says “We are constantly improving The Bear Trail to make sure our customers get the best value for money from their day here. So water walkerz seem to be the perfect addition for this year. Of course, I’ve tested them myself and they are really awesome! You’ll step inside a completely watertight hamster ball whilst we fill it with air and zip it up. Then you’ll try to stand up and walk across the water. Once inside your giant inflatable ball you’ll stay clean, dry and have an enormous amount of fun.”